Students in the technology club at Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School opened their Christmas workshop a few weeks ago. Instead of toys and games, they stocked up on donated computers. Then, they rolled up their sleeves, and armed with new software and cleaning supplies, set off to refurbish and turn the computers into functional and much-needed presents for needy families in the area.

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A great scheme but terribly reported.

"Open-source software allows free access to applications equivalent to systems such as Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office.

It was developed as an alternative for small businesses and nonprofits that don’t have the resources to equip computers with expensive versions of these programs, Gregan said."
No it wasn't! That is a *benefit* but when are people going to realise that the "free" in free software is for freedom.

also FTA:
"The special software will equip the computers with programs allowing students to write papers, make PowerPoint presentations, do basic video and photo editing and even manage a family budget, Gregan said."

I'm sure he didn't say it was special. What's "special" about it? That seems to imply that the software is only suitable for this purpose or is necessarily complex or requires some additional skill to use.

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I am trying to educate people in my community about the Freedom in free software. I feel it is very important to do so; this is why Stallman is always so picky about terminology! HA.

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I think its great

I'd would start a program like this in my community and have been thinking about it for some time. I need to get off my butt. :) As far as the reporting - Grrr - but doesn't surprise me.

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As poster crimperman deduced, a fair amount of the comments in this article are mis-quotes. I learned some good tactics to use when trying to describe Open Source ideals, history, and computing applications, from the experience though.

I am used to talking to IT managers, Tech Educators, or otherwise tech savy folks. A 30 minute phone call was not enough to accurately pass on the information and background needed to allow for a clear understanding by someone with a limited understanding of computer technology.

Still, the article got it's point across. Kids are using FOSS to allow the less fortunate to access tech in ways that they would not be able to do in an M$ world.

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