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Here at FSDaily we do our best to make your lives easier by providing you with tools that can help with your FSDaily experience. Right now we have bookmarklets, which everyone can use, and two tools for website owners:

FSDaily Bookmarklets: FSDaily is a community driven site. Without submissions from the community there is no news for the FSDaily community. You can help by submitting articles yourself. An easy way to do this is using FSDaily Bookmarklets. Read more about them here.

FSDaily News Feed Blocks: the perfect addition to any site targeting a free software community audience. These news feed blocks add the latest FSDaily headlines straight into your site. The news feed block is highly configurable and can integrate perfectly with your site. Find out more here.

FSDaily Submission Links: add these buttons to the beginning or end of your website's posts/articles so that your readers can submit your content to FSDaily so that they can then be read and voted for by a wider audience. Get the code for them here.

FSDaily Banners: If you are looking for FSDaily banners to put up on your own site we have a small selection of them here.

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