RIAA Accounting — How Labels Avoid Paying Musicians


"Last week, we discussed Techdirt's tale of 'Hollywood Accounting,' which showed how movies like Harry Potter still officially 'lose' money with some simple accounting tricks. This week Techdirt is taking on RIAA accounting and demonstrating why most musicians — even multi-platinum recording stars — may never see a dime from their album sales."

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Hollywood: Your Software Freedom Stops Here


Richard Stallman recommends reduced exposure to Hollywood's so-called "premium content", which increasingly excludes or punishes users of Free software like GNU/Linux

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Most Pirated Movie of 2009 ... Makes Heaps of Money


Funny thing is, Star Trek is on course to make more than $100 million in profits.

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Open-source films attack Hollywood


The Star Wreck Studios team, based in Tampere, Finland, has built a virtual studio for Iron Sky and an open-source platform that gives anybody the chance to make a film at no cost. They have recruited American Stephen Lee as managing director, and the chairman of the board is John Buckman, mostly known as the founder of Magnatune, a record label he created in Berkeley, Calif., in 2003.

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Linux Goes Hollywood With New Terra Soft Film Rendering Tool


Creating modern digital visual effects in movies is not an easy process. The job falls on clusters of computers called "render farms." Terra Soft, developer of the Yellow Dog Linux distro, says its new offering, Y-Film, is designed to significantly streamline the task, bringing a more efficient process to large studios and putting glossy effects within easier reach of smaller ones.

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