Gnumeric: A Light Weight Spreadsheet Program

Most Linux and Open Source enthusiasts are familiar with the OpenOffice.Org office suite. OpenOffice is great, but sometimes you just need a lighter and faster alternative. Maybe you've got a netbook or an older computer and you don't need a full, integrated, office suite, but just a few of the main applications like a word processor and a spreadsheet program.

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Gnumeric 1.10 Release Brings Better Tools

It's been just over two years since the last stable release, but the Gnumeric team is still going strong. The project has a new stable series 1.10.x. This release removes the 65,536 row restriction on spreadsheets and includes many new functions, better OpenDocument Format (ODF) support, new statistical analysis tools, and a new utility for searching spreadsheet files.

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Gtalk on GNU/Linux Desktop Google

This article introduces Empathy, a new Instant Messaging client in
GNU/Linux which supports Google Talk, Yahoo, Jabber and several other
IM protocols. Empathy is now a default application in GNOME-2.24 and
available in all the latest release of popular GNU/Linux distributions
like Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.

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[FSF] Free Software Supporter - Issue 3, May 2008

## In this issue
* Free Software Supporter exclusive: WBUR is streaming Ogg Vorbis!
* DBD Action Alert - Libraries: Eliminate DRM!
* Get DeltaH, gNewSense 2.0
* Get your next machine with gNewSense
* Silicon Mechanics to ship servers with free BIOS preinstalled
* Can we rescue OLPC from Windows? by Richard M. Stallman
* End Software Patents: the Bilski hearing, heard.

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