There's always next year, right? If you're eager for the day of the Linux desktop to dawn, and you don't have the patience of a Cubs fan, here are some suggestions for community action that might be worth consideration.

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No counterpoint?

I noticed this article had -1 votes, but no comments as to why it was voted down.
The author of this article has made some points in her post, showing a way of thinking about marketing free software and especially, GNU/Linux based systems.
She has obviously put time to think about those points, so if you don't agree with her points, please make a comment supporting your ideas. This should be a point of discussion with other readers about news and articles. So make a speech, prove the validity of your counterpoints and make a dialogue.

In so far, marketing desktop systems with Linux kernels can be hardly called a success when comparing with other marketing campaigns, so we obviously do something wrong and hopefully in such discussions find sore points.

On the other hand, I agree with her points and I also voted accordingly.

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