Over the last few days, a lot of controversy has erupted over my blog posting about a possible patent deal between Red Hat and Microsoft. The original intent of this post was to help rally support behind Red Hat and show them that they had the backing of the F/OSS community. Unfortunately, many people thought this post was meant to generate fear about a possible deal....

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Since I started this, I should

Since I started this, I should speak up. We should support Red Hat /now/ because they have /not/ signed the patent deal, and explain our views on the patent deal to /ensure/ they don't in the future.

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yes, I agree even do we don't regularly

yes, I agree even do we don't regularly support them because they include proprietary software and kernel blobs we should stick together in this one, this is not about trying to get people to use free software this is about suporting mayor free software helpers like RedHat.
better now than later, and I think your intentions were good,
if I were a redhat employee I will like to see people that have no capital gain at all to support what we do.