This is a devils advocate post in response to my original post "Reasons your parents should use Linux". Though my original post intended to explain 5 reasons you should switch your parents to Linux, this post will address what many people have commented on in the past few days. 5 reasons why you should NOT switch your parents to Linux. I still stand by my original post in that I feel Mom and Dad running Linux is a better alternative if all they simply do on the computer is everyday tasks such as browse websites, e-mail, word processing, etc.

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I love foss and I love my parents.

I love foss and I love my parents. But no matter what I do or say they refuse to switch to foss and use the above 5 (pathetic excuses for) reasons. I guess it's an old world mentality.

I've ended up just leaving them to it because I don't want to fight with them. I've just told them I won't help them with their machines if they have any problems... sorry.

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