One of the difficulties open source software faces is in implementing support — where it is even possible to do so — for the wide variety of codecs, formats, and other proprietary technologies that users have come to rely on. One such technology is Microsoft's Silverlight framework, which until early this year, was a no-go for Linux users. That changed in January, when the first version of the Moonlight project — a collaboration between the Novell-sponsored Mono project and Microsoft, begun in 2007 — was released

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Created by prakash 11 years 50 weeks ago
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11 years 50 weeks 9 hours 36 min ago


Buzz off, M$

Clear off M$. How many times and how many ways do we need to tell you we just don't want your Silverlight garbage?

If you think we're all sitting around with our tongues hanging out, thinking how good life would be if only we had Silverlight, then you're still mis-reading the entire Free Software Community as badly as you've always done in the past.

We think Siverlight is an expensive joke that we wouldn't have at any price, not even if you paid us to take it off your hands.

We think the Mono implementation, you've had your operative, "Microsoft Miguel" de Icaza, build for "Linux" is an even bigger joke, especially since it doesn't work properly.

Take your Silverlight/Moonlight and go home M$. You've got more chance of flogging snowballs to Eskimos than unloading your buggy, insecure software around here.

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11 years 49 weeks 2 days 11 hours ago



I mean really, this is so disgusting!!

We, the Free Software community have an entire army of powerful programming languages, Content Management Systems, Web Application Platforms, Database Management Systems, Webserver Engines,even Wiki Engines and JavaScript engines than the entire Proprietary World put together!

To name a few:

1. Programming languages: PHP, Python, Perl, Haskell, Ruby...
2. CMS'es: Drupal, Joomla, Plone, Moodle...
3. Web App. Platforms: Django, Zope, TurboGears, Pylons, Rails...
4. DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Silva....
5. Webservers: Apache, CherryPy, Twisted....
6. Wiki Engines: MediaWiki, MoinMoin....
7. JavaScript: JQuery, MochiKit.....

And not to mention C and C++!
With all this huge collection of powerful tools and platforms, why would we ever need M$ .S**T and SilverBlight???!

The answer is simple, this is all about nothing but poisoning the Linux kernel and Free Software technology in general!

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11 years 49 weeks 1 day 17 hours ago



"The answer is simple, this is all about nothing but poisoning the Linux kernel and Free Software technology in general!"

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11 years 48 weeks 6 days 23 hours ago


Mono virus

Yeah, Mono is like an anti-Linux virus and they're hoping we'll all infect ourselves in our mad rush to get our hands on their crappy Moonblight/Silverblight.

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