The Novell-backed Moonlight project announced a beta of Moonlight 2.0, an open source Linux/Unix clone of Microsoft's Silverlight media framework. Moonlight 2.0 offers improved media streaming enabling media codecs like Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, and BBC Dirac, via a runtime for its sister project, .NET clone Mono. An offshoot of the Novell-sponsored Mono project, which created the Microsoft .NET clone, Mono , the Moonlight project introduced the first version of its Silverlight clone in beta last fall, following up with a final release in February. In May, the project unveiled a preview version of the open source browser plug-in.

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Says it all

The key words

The key words are:- Novell, Moonlight, Microsoft, Silverlight, .NET, Mono.

It all sounds most unpleasant.

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