"Let me introduce myself -- I am the Bulgarian Minister of State Administration. I am pleased to announce that the Bulgarian government, having read the "Philosophy" section at www.gnu.org, has decided to stop tormenting the citizens, taking away their freedom and restricting them. Our government will no longer support and enforce the usage of proprietary software, on the contrary -- we will encourage every municipality, company, school and kindergarten, every family to migrate to free software, to spread the freedom, to cooperate and share their knowledge. We will no longer require from our citizens various forms to be submitted in non-free formats and/or using non-free tools..."

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Bulgaria to review its IT strategy, considers [Free Software]

"...Nikolay Vassilev, the minister for State Administration, told the representatives of software companies, IT services companies and [free software] developers that the government is about to review the state's IT system and that it wants to get a better understanding of [free software]..." => http://ec.europa.eu/idabc/en/document/7548

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Good Job

I got fooled.