I installed MS Office Professional 2010 on my Ubuntu computers and it's working fluently.

It is a nerve breaking experience for a Linux new bee to work with open-office for documentation works than their favourite MS Office. New interface and new formats of open office makes them reluctant to take it as a first choice. So this post is for those who are tired of rebooting your system to make small changes in the documentations.

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If you're installing M$ Office Pro on your Ubuntu it means you've already forked out a whole lotta dough on a proprietary app that you didn't really need to.


There's a long-held tradition that M$ Office has high-end capabilities that certain power-users can't live without.

The only problem is, they never explain just what those extended capabilities are and what these mythical power-users do with them.

If you are not one of these mysterious power-users why would you want to fork over a whole lotta dough to Stevie Ballmer when you can download numerous versions of office software from the Ubuntu repositories with a couple of Free clicks?

Office software is nearly identical to use in proprietary and Free operating systems.

You'd need to be a complete dill to get lost in Libreoffice because all you know is M$ Pro.

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