Users of the Windows and Linux versions of Firefox 3.0 will notice only a few changes to the way the browser looks. There's a new back/forward button that looks like a sideways keyhole in the Windows version, the Home button has been moved to a row of shortcut buttons below the navigation toolbar, and the look of the icons have been tweaked a bit.

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Being sick of featuritis

The guy recommends using beta software in a production environment because "it's got so many features". This is called Featuritis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creeping_featurism ) and comes from being overly enthusiastic over some of the qualities of the free software products and ignoring others.
I dislike this because it makes end users have high expectations of this new software only to be disappointed by the number of bugs in it.

All software has bugs, I bet Firefox 3 has them too. Bugs will be found even after it is released. But that is ok since most bugs will be repaired.

Please, use Firefox 3 when the team developing it says it is ready. Oh if you do what to test it out please do so. But, please, do not ever say software X is production ready when the team developing it says it is not.

Using Firefox 3 Beta N in production environments and recommending to do so is therefore irresponsible.
Actions like these hurt the image of the free software community/&products.

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