Canonical at a crossroad after deciding to remove GIMP from the CD-ROM; potential replacements not finalised yet

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Save me the trouble

I did a fresh Ubuntu install today and the first thing I had to do was to manually remove F-Spot and Tomboy. Later,I'll have to get rid of all the nasty Mono libraries out of the install.

Please, save us all a stack of trouble, Ubuntu, and get rid of all this M$-Patented muck before you release the distro. Idiots can always buy Windows 7 if they want this sort of garbage badly enough.

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"Idiots can always buy Windows 7 if they want this sort of garbage badly enough."

The end users who purchase windows aren't buying windows specifically, but a desktop PC. They don't generally think of the OS as being separate from the computer.

It's part of why Microsoft remains dominate in the desktop market. If ubuntu had been preinstalled on most PCs from the start microsoft related news would be along the lines of 'Windows 7 released, is this the year of the NT desktop?'

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M$ encourages idiocy

Yeah, M$ still manages to get away with "bundling" their buggy OS on new computers, despite many court cases aimed at ending this anti-competitive practice.

As you say, M$ discourages its users from thinking about their computer usage to such an extent that they become virtual zombies who can't think outside the M$ envelope.

A bright young fellow asked to use my computer to make a word document, the other day I told him he'd have no trouble using Open Office because everything was pretty much the same as his M$-Word.

But he did have trouble.

"There's lots more on this than Word's got" - he must of had a bare-bones "student edition".

So, a few additional features were enough to stop a M$-created idiot from using a simple word processing application.

Pity help them, M$ won't.

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