Addressing a new danger that the GIMP gets replaced by Mono, by default

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While I can understand BN's hatred of Mono, really?! Really?! Take a good, long step backwards and think about it. F-Spot is, at best, a halfway-decent photo management app. To "replace" Gimp, it would require compatibility to GIMP's brushes, Adobe Photoshop brushes, nearly all of GIMP's plugins and font rendering system, scaling, etc.

The article then trails off into such sensationalist venues as "This is a Microsoft plot, and the danger of Mono is VERY REAL!"

First off, Mono has the official blessing of RMS. Although he's warned against making huge projects dependent on it, he says it's okay to use it since it's a Free Software implementation of .NET, GNU tried to do something similar a few years back with DotGNU.

This is nothing more than some guy that likes Microsoft saying "Hey, you ought to do a mono image editor!", which will likely be voted down anyways because his proposal says that F-Spot should be the chosen application of choice. This is, of course, a retarded idea. Not because Mono is "inherently evil" as advertised by BN, but because...a photo collection manager doubling as an image manager? That's the dumbest thing I've read all day.

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Yes, seriously

From the Ubuntu Desktop Team meating of 9.6.2009:

"rickspencer3 proposes pulling the gimp from the CD:"
"F-Spot has key features, like crop and red-eye removal "

(Rick Spencer was the chair of the meeting)

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