Willing to play real instruments on games like Guitar Hero?

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Rock ON!

At first I gave it +1 vote (the article pointed out that this software is 'open source', thus free software). But on their website the authors sate that "it's free software (as in free beer)", free for non-commercial uses. So, it's not free software that this portal is about and it gets a -1 vote from me. But the concept seems really interesting.

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Proprietary software with a small part free as in freedom

The guy or gal that makes this software encourages further software development on top of his software, through a SDK (good idea!!):
# that all MusicWare available in the SDK is licensed under the LGPL open source license and derivative works must remain under that license.
# that some assets, models and textures available in the SDK are copyrighted by their creators.

So part of his SDK is licensed as a free as in freedom software, but his software itself is still proprietary. And downloading the software requires registering on the forum, how's that for freedom!?\

But wait there is more to it! Using the software requires installing:

  • Microsofts .NET framework 3.5 (or 2.0);
  • Microsofts XNA 3.0 framework.

Soo... she started on a good concept of MusicWare, reusing his software as a platform upon which others can build, but in my opinion s/he took a wrong turn and went deep into proprietary software... so back to Frets on Fire http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/

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