Back in November of 2008 I attempted to migrate to KDE. That migration proved to be a lesson in futility. Today I installed Kubuntu Kubuntu 9.10 on three different computers to see how much progress this once awesome distro has made in a year. This is what I found...

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Sad memories

Kubuntu 8.04, with the KDE 3.5 desktop, was my favourite distro to hand over to newbies for the easiest possible introduction to the world of GNU/Linux.

Since the introduction of KDE 4+, it's become something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.


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KDE is hardly dead

No, I wouldn't wish KDE 4.3 on my worst enemy. It's too good for that. Give him 4.1 or even 4.0.

KDE4 has come a tremendous distance from its initial developer-release point-oh less than two years ago. 4.3.3 may not have everything in it that you want from 3.5.x, but it has the vast majority of features that *I* and many others missed back or replaced as well as a slew of other niceties that keep me from missing the remainder too sorely.

If KDE requiescat in pace, it's only because the developers have been moving at full steam and deserve a (short) rest and some peace (before continuing on their way to even greater excellence).

(This is not to say, of course, that it is totally perfect and without problems, but I don't think 4.3+ deserves the lambasting that it's getting because of its 4.0 and 4.1 predecessors)

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Maybe my - dual core - laptop is much more performant than Ian's computers but for me Konqueror was a snap! LXer loaded in <3 seconds and slashdot in less <5.
Afterwards I closed the browser and reopened it again, I entered the address of LXer, Slashdot, IGN.com, gamespot.com in different tabs and I quickly switched between tabs and asking each tab to load the page. All 4 pages finished downloading in less than 10 sec.
So although I feel that Konqueror is slower than Firefox or Chrome, I couldn't reproduce the loading times of 'minutes'.
I open many files in Kate and it never crashed so far.
KGPG starts in tray (not displaying anything) so this would indeed be an issue for new users who don't know where to look.

I use Kubuntu 9.10 as my main OS and it works just fine for general use. My only real bug is that exiting from fullscreen games does not work (Wesnoth, Nexuiz)

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Slightly misleading title

The article is about Kubuntu 9.10 as a whole, not just the state of KDE4 itself.

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