Hello to everyone in this community, I will like to make a suggestion, I will like to see more "original and different" news and articles on
fsdaily, at least a 25% of them should be wrote by the users
on this site or get from different sources as we all know, as of now all articles are just a copy of slashdot/linuxtoday... they are boring because I already saw them, I will like articles related to our community that are not yet or not at all on other sites, this is what will truly make fsdaily "original and different". Don't take me wrong I know people is busy and we are not many, but a way to bring new people is to be different and better. let's make fsdaily to have its own personality.
Thank you all in the community.

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That's not totally right. I've

That's not totally right. I've seen some interesting blog entries linked here.

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yes, but remember this is not a

yes, but remember this is not a critic but a suggestion that there should be more of those.


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Well, first of all, I guarantee

Well, first of all, I guarantee that we spend a lot of time looking at news sources, rather than hubs, when we add news to fsdaily. It's a lot of work - going to hubs is easier, obviously, but you end up with old stuff.

As far as articles... I don't know. As a news hub, the pulp of the discussion should be in the users' comments, rather than original contents. Right now, we are working on reaching the critical mass. However, for now a _lot_ (see: 70%) of out readers just get the RSS feed... which is OK< but it doesn't help comments!

FOr now, let's wait and see.

Thanks for the advice!


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Are you aware of FreeSoftwareMagazine.com

Are you aware of FreeSoftwareMagazine.com - sister site to FSD? Strikes me that is a more suitable place for the kind of articles you are suggesting.

I think of FSD as a news hub and agree pretty much with merc. For a news site, the real worth lies in the discussion spawned by the news items rather than by original articles themselves. For a site like FSM however it's the original content which is the draw, rather than the discussion per se (for me anyway).


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@rek2: I've been watching the


I've been watching the submission queue and there are very few people actually submitting the news you get to vote on and read. At least I can say I'm one of them. I might get some of the stuff I find off news hubs but at least it gives people something to read. I want to make sure that people don't have to go to a whole bunch of different sites to read news. I think this should be the one site people go to. That means we should have all of their news... and more. I am happy to bring all their news... are you happy to bring the more?

Let's see what you have submitted:


4 of these items promote your own project, 3 are legitimate news items and then there is this submission which is a complaint. That's it! 8 items. And yet here you are talking about how other people aren't doing a good enough job finding interesting news for you to read.

Why don't you stop complaining and start submitting more news if that's what you want to see? If you want to see different stuff, then submit different news. But don't expect that what you submit will automatically be pushed to the homepage because you might be the only one who finds it interesting.

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I'd just like to say this site

I'd just like to say this site IS meant to be a news hub. It is not meant to be for original news.

In my opinion, digg is too big now. It has too many idiots commenting on free software news who don't even know what free software is. Furthermore, there are so many MS fans (I still can't believe there are that many of them - why idolise MS?) who complain and spread fud about every single free software related article.

Digg, IMHO, is no longer a place for the free software community to hang and discuss free software related news. That is what we hope this site can be.

Fsdaily's personality will come from a) what is submitted, b) what is voted for, and c) the comments that are posted. And that's in order from least important to most important.

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