This seems to happen time and time again. I don't understand why people consistently seem to ignore FSDaily when it is (or at least can be) the news chosen by the whole foss community. I also just found out that it ranks higher than all the other news hubs according to alexa.com. If you think FSDaily should be in this list please go comment on the post and vote "None of the above".

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News is available everywhere

At least for me personally there are two factors working against all FOSS news sites in terms of playing favourites. One is that a lot of the news is reported by a lot of the sites. Consequently I skip a lot of stories as I have already read them.

The other factor is the convenience of feed aggregators such as google's Google Reader. It is a much more efficient way to read the news as I don't need to visit sites to see their current news articles. There are a few exceptions. I am not subscribed to upcoming news so I have to visit to read those, and I usually don't have access to the full story without visiting the site.

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I signed up just to reply -

I signed up just to reply - I use a feed reader to follow fsdaily, and a couple of my fdaily annoyances are a) the lack of a proper link to the original article referenced, and b) the forced new window open when following the article link.

The aggregated news articles are pretty good - I agree that there are many repeats of items I have already seen, but some simple feed-friendly link changes would drastically improve the likelihood of my actually clicking on an fsdaily link..

Kind Regards.

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You can change both of those things

Go to your account page, hit the edit tab, then the settings link and you can configure your options to make it so that links open in the same tab/window and go straight to the original article.

Can't do much about the repeats of news sorry. Sometimes news gets submitted to us after others have syndicated them - digg is slower like that too. As our community grows we will get faster with the news more of the time. We just need more people submitting as soon as they see something that hasn't already been submitted.

We'll be looking at making these options default and fixing the feed links once we have finished the upgrade to Drupal 6.

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that is funny

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