My blog entry earlier this week noting the silent passage of the 100 day mark for CodePlex sparked a call from the Foundation's PR firm, and an opportunity for me to spend an hour on the phone with Sam Ramji, the interim President of the Foundation, and Foundation Deputy Director Mark Stone during which we covered a lot of ground.

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M$ CodePlex-Con

As the CodePlex Soviet contemplates its 2nd 100 Day Plan, there seems to have been remarkably little achieved by the first.

Delays in getting the putative organisation up and running are being ascribed to problems in dealing with...spam...of all things!

Can't the M$ genius-factory deal with a little bit of spam without getting knocked flat on their butts? Looking at their sad record with email clients, the answer appears to be, no.

Prominent members of the Free Software Community are conspicuous by their absence on the board. Richard Stallman is missing, and just about everybody else along with him.

CodePlex is a M$ scam, set up for the benefit of M$, and nobody else.

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