QSource-Highlight - a Qt interface for GNU Source-Highlight


"I recently released a new software developed with Qt 4 (this summer I took a chance to use qt and really enjoyed this wonderful framework): QSource-Highlight - a Qt interface for GNU Source-Highlight. You can highlight your code on the fly, and have the highlighted output in all the formats supported by source-highlight (e.g., HTML, LaTeX, Texinfo, etc.).

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10 Essential Linux Applications for Daily Use


Instead of an introduction, I'll answer the question 'Why did you left out wonderful applications like Scribus, Inkscape, Cinelerra, Wine, QCad etc?'. Well, because the article is about applications which I consider essential for daily use. Of course, some work with those every day, but not the majority.

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Lojban and Hacking

I had recently discovered the Lojban language while I was surfing the net. The characteristics of this language greatly appealed to me as a debater and so, I decided to heavily invest my effort into studying this language. Consequently, I came across two free software tools that could aid my study of Lojban: KVocTrain and Mnemosyne. These are two excellent programs that definitely have a place my studies.

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Create a GNU/Linux Desktop App In 14 Minutes Using QDevelop and QT4


This tutorial is designed for absolute beginners, even if you have programmed in other languages and are new to GNU/Linux and C++ then this tutorial will help get you up and running with Qt and C++.

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