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[FSF] Free Software Supporter -- Issue 6, July 2008

## In this issue
* It's not the Gates, it's the bars
* Act on ACTA!
* Fight the Canadian DMCA!
* Rhapsody and Naxos go DRM free
* Refusing Digital Monitoring Policies
* 5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G
* activist group to focus on freedom in network services
* is
* GNU spotlight with Karl Berry
* Richard Stallman's speaking schedule
* Take action!

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5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G

"The 5 real reasons to avoid iPhone 3G:

** iPhone completely blocks free software. Developers must pay a tax to Apple, who becomes the sole authority over what can and can't be on everyone's phones.
** iPhone endorses and supports Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology.

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FreeRunner Linux phone sells out, more on the way

Less that one week after going on sale via its own e-commerce site, the 900MHz version of OpenMoko's Neo FreeRunner Linux phone has sold out, but don't despair yet as more are on the way.

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