Beijing's Tsinghua University and Mozilla Launch Browser For IPv6


Beijing's Tsinghua University and Mozilla China have jointly developed a new Internet browser product that is specially designed for IPv6. Based on the core of Firefox, the new browser product, with the help of IPv6 tunnel technologies, enables smooth access to some IPv6, Facebook, and Google services, which are usually unstable and/or blocked in China.

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IPv4's Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?


How will we know when IPv4 address space is all used up? And what will happen when that day comes? The modern Internet has been built using IPv4 (define), which provides for 4.3 billion address, a supply that could run dry within the next two years.

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Why IPv6 is Essential for Your Freedom


Will IPv4 exhaustion reduce the original Internet to the "traditional mass-media" model, strictly separating the participants into “publishers” of content, and mere "consumers" of it? How do we ensure that all users of the Internet will always be free to directly communicate and cooperate with each other?

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Linux Apache Dual Stacked IPv4 and IPv6 Configuration


A growing number of platforms implement IPv6, allowing Apache to allocate IPv6 sockets and handle requests which were sent over IPv6. This article explains how to setup dual stacked, IPv4 and IPv6 enabled Apache networking under any Linux or UNIX like operating systems. You need to update httpd.conf file with the Listen directive.

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Is your firewall IPv6 aware?


"If, like many people, you've started to experiment with enabling, configuring, and using, IPv6 it might not have crossed your mind to update your firewall. This could lead to surprises if you're unlucky. Read on for a simple overview. The standard userspace firewall tool upon Debian GNU/Linux is iptables.

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Vista not playing well with IPv6


Early adopters of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system are reporting problems with its implementation of IPv6, a long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet’s primary protocol.

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