Hate KDE4? Ignorance Is Probably the Culprit


Let’s bust some myths today because a majority of KDE 4 haters out there have the same reasons for hating it. I’m pretty sick of seeing posts and news articles about “why I don’t like KDE 4″ and then seeing that the real reason the person is upset is because they don’t spend an extra few moments trying to figure things out…aka lazy and ignorant.

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HeliOS Solutions vs The Teacher


I won't say Ken Starks is a friend of mine but I have met him. He's a good guy on dedicated mission to bring Linux to the people. He is neither pushy or invasive. He brings information to those whom wish to obtain it.

That said, I'm surprised his reply email was this calm...

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The Penguin Doesn't Fly, Avoid Linux


If you are an Internet addict, you are familiar with Tux, the Linux Penguin logo. All over the Internet, Linux fans are sounding off about how it, and “free software” or freeware can save you money, effort, nerves, data, time and just perhaps your soul.

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Ballmer's false choice: Open source or free soda


An open-source version of Windows would mean not only would we publish Windows source code, we would make it free. That's what open source means. We wouldn't be hosting Minority Student Day if we open-source Windows because we wouldn't have enough profit to pay people, let alone invite in people from the community.

I'm not saying open-source is a bad thing, but it doesn't pay the bills in this company, so we can't embrace that way of doing things. ... We give out free soda pop to everybody who works here. We make our stuff free, people gotta give back the soda pop -- it's just inconsistent with what we do around here.

Ignorance, thy name is Ballmer.

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