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Free software and transparency are not enough


Democracy relies on the trust of the voters and the transparency of the vote. It is hard to argue that closed source code provides any guarantees beyond the say-so of the manufacturers. The one thing we can know is that computer systems are fallible, and no system is fault proof.

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Brazil: "The Electronic Voting Machine Will Be Linux-Powered"


According to major newspapers, starting with the municipal elections of 2008, Brazil’s e-voting machines will use the Linux operating system, to be developed by the technical team of the federal elections tribunal the TSE. According to the TSE’s IT division, the advantages of using Linux in the electronic voting machine are standardization, since it is possible to use this OS in all models of the device, as well as transparency, since this is an open mcchanism in which all the source code is available to the public and can be freely audited. Another advantage is zero cost, because no license fees must be paid.

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