How To Encrypt Mails With SSL Certificates (S/MIME)

This article is about how to use the S/MIME encryption function of common e-mail clients to sign and/or encrypt your mails safely. S/MIME uses SSL certificates which you can either create yourself or let a trusted certificate authority (CA) create one for you.

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Legal Hacks

It's totally a reasonable modern analogue. Jefferson would have been all about crypto.

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GnuPG's 10th birthday -- A Short History of the GNU Privacy Guard

"It's been a decade now that the very first version of the GNU Privacy Guard has been released. This very first version was not yet known under the name of GnuPG but dubbed "g10" as a reference on the German constitution article on freedom of telecommunication (Grundgesetz Artikel 10) and as a pun on the G-10 law which allows the secret services to bypass these constitutional guaranteed freedoms..."

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