Save the internet and boycott these companies

I encourage everyone to not only boycott these companies but flood them with letters, e-mails and phone calls telling them why exactly you are boycotting them.

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MS vs EU: Microsoft does not control Windows anymore

I was quite surprised when I learned that some peoples at JCXP wanted to boycott the opera browser because of the EU actions against Microsoft regarding the bundling of IE 8. The problem is that their main argument would be valid in the US, but absolutely not in the EU.

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Brave New Skyping World Revisited

Refashioned and strengthened main argument against Skype. This article was a revisited continuation of (I think well-known) "Ten Reasons Why You Should Boycott Skype".

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Should We Boycott Microsoft? Can We?

In part, the trigger for this is Microsoft's recent behaviour during the approval process for its OOXML document format.

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