BalaBit IT Security is ready to further boost growth after appointing new CEO

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BalaBit appoints Zoltán Györkő co-founder as new CEO, and optimized its existing executive team by creating several new management positions

New York – October 3 , 2012 – BalaBit IT Security – also known as “the logging company”– a global leader in the development of privileged activity monitoring, trusted log management and proxy-based gateway technologies is ready to further boost its growth after appointing a new CEO and reorganizing its executive team. The dynamically growing security software developer company quadrupled its sales revenue in the last four years and has local representatives in five countries, has partners in 30 countries and serves customers globally. The new organizational structure enables the company to continue to expand as part of its long-term strategy.

BalaBit has appointed Zoltán Györkő, co-founder, as Chief Executive Officer. Györkő has been a member of the board since the company was founded twelve years ago, and has held the position of Business Development Director for the past six years. Györkő has extensive leadership experience and a deep knowledge of IT security market as he was responsible for developing BalaBit’s global partner network as well as the sales and marketing organization.

The former CEO and Development Leader, Balázs Scheidler, who co-founded and led the company since its founding, has been named Development Director, a newly created position, to increase his and the company’s focus on development and preserve BalaBit’s technology leadership in its core technologies. Scheidler has played an active role in the development of industry standards as a member of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) logging working group and the CEE Board (Common Event Expression Board), an advisory body collaborating with leading IT vendors and the United States government.

“BalaBit is one of the fastest-growing IT security company according to Deloitte Technology Fast 50 lists. Due to our successful expansion globally and steadily increasing annual turnover, we reached the point when our organizational structure needed to be reassessed to be in a position to take the company to the next level. In order to capitalize on growing market opportunities, and boost further growth, we balanced our business and technology focus to strengthen our market position leveraging capital and talent abroad,” said Zoltán Györkő Chief Executive Officer of BalaBit IT Security. “With these changes we are ready to seize the opportunity we see in overseas markets, particularly addressing our customers’ growing needs to comply with ever changing regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Basel II, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS).”

BalaBit has also reaffirmed its commitment to long-term technological innovation by naming Márton Illés Chief Technology Officer, who was previously the Product Manager of Shell Control Box (SCB) and syslog-ng Store Box (SSB). Illés has more than 10 years experience in IT security.

BalaBit develops three product lines, the syslog-ng log management infrastructure, the Shell Control Box proxy-based activity monitoring tool for privileged access and the Zorp Gateway, a proxy-based network firewall. To better align customer needs with product development, BalaBit has appointed dedicated product managers to the two major technologies, log management and proxy-based security tools.

Péter Gyöngyösi has been appointed Product Manager of syslog-ng product line. Prior to holding this position, Gyöngyösi worked as a senior software developer in the syslog-ng Store Box team, and has been with the company for more than six years.

Szilárd Stange has been appointed Product Manager of Shell Control Box and the Zorp Gateway. Stange has been with the BalaBit team for one and a half years, when he joined the company as Zorp Product- and Project Manager. Before joing BalaBit worked twelve years for Virusbuster, gaining experience in several areas ranging from malware research and software development to customer support and internal IT management leaving as product manager of technology products.

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Photo of Zoltán Györkő, CEO of BalaBit
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Photo of Péter Gyöngyösi, Product Manager of syslog-ng product line
Photo of Szilárd Stange, Product Manager of Shell Control Box and the Zorp Gateway

About BalaBit
BalaBit IT Security is an innovative information security company, a global leader in the development of privileged activity monitoring, trusted logging and proxy-based gateway technologies to help protect customers against internal and external threats and meet security and compliance regulations. As an active member of the open source community, we provide solutions to a uniquely wide range of both open source and proprietary platforms, even for the most complex and heterogeneous IT systems across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
BalaBit is also known as “the logging company” based on the company’s flagship product, the open source log server application, which is used by more than 850 000 companies worldwide and became the globally acknowledged de-facto industry standard.
BalaBit, the second fastest-growing IT Security company in the Central European region according to Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (2010) list, has local offices in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and in the USA, and cooperates with partners worldwide. Our R&D and global support centers are located in Hungary, Europe.
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