Since I wasn't yet as clear as I'd like to be on what can we consider to be free (as in freedom) among works which are not software and not functional and wasn't yet sure what exactly was Richard Stallman's view on this issue I decided to ask him directly. Here is the resulting email conversation.

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Ask RMS about what is free, ask

Ask RMS about what is free, ask Kevorkian MD about medical ethics.

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what does that mean?

what does that mean?

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Great article. I agree 100% with

Great article. I agree 100% with Stallman's views on non-functional work.

The copyright was "invented" just to protect artists. You surely know what happened before. Even Mozart and others had their work completely stolen.

What is incorrect is what happens in the USA (at least) where the copyright rights that belong to the author can be sold as a merchandise to a third party that, of course, has the utmost interest on extending those rights "ad nausea" just because they didn't create anything. Mere speculation.

In Portugal, legally, the publishers can only have the print right (a legal way to circumvent the copyright ownership). When there is the will there is the way, sadly.

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