"People are ignorant, but we already know that. As usual, I’ve read something really stupid on Twitter this morning. It said: I hope Apple will develop for everyone [every OS]. I think it would be one of the worst things to ever happen. Why do people want to install non-free software on free systems? If we want a truly free system, we cannot accept non-free software in our system. If people keep installing, running or developing non-free components, GNU/Linux will be turned into a fuzzy combination of free and non-free software. And we also could find free software which depends on non-free packages. The freedom movement would have failed if this happens..."

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Sometimes it has to happen

I want to test my website with Presto. How else am I supposed to do that but with Opera? I also need RAR support since I frequently encounter RAR files, so the non-free unrar is necessary to me.

But as for Apple, the only thing I'd want from them is WebKit. I currently test that using Safari through Wine, but I'll have QtWebKit available to me soon enough, so I've nothing I want Apple to port.

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