It looks like Microsoft has now become a cult or a religion. Microsoft worshipers troll the net, trying to stop blasphemy (criticism of the company or it's products).

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More cult than religion

M$ displays more features of an outright cult than a religion.

While many religions can display some degree of tolerance to differing view-points, cults, by their very nature, are totally unable to do this. Thus, the common M$ attitude, that anyone who is not a fawning sycophant is a Microsoft-hater.

In fact, like any cult, M$ actually hates everybody else who hasn't seen their "light" and regards them as mortal enemies.

The glee-filled rejoice with which the M$-faithful greet the destruction of any of their "competitors" goes far beyond any normal commercial satisfaction that might be displayed at such an event.

For the M$-faithful their battle against the "competition" is a matter of "Holy War" between Good and Evil.

Billy Gates didn't select John D Rockefeller as his role-model for nothing.

John D's great maxim in life was;

"Competition is Evil"

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