Arguments on why anyone would/should support open source applications.

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Proprietary software is evil

You should support free software because proprietary software harms society in the long run. Even right now, society is being harmed by the proprietors that subjugate users into helplessness and divides communities from cooperating.

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Effects of Helplessness

Examples of the effects of helplessness include not having the program run on your system of choice (Adobe Photoshop, every single proprietary game), forced upgrades to remain being able to share documents with others (Autocad), having features that you know that you don't need and thus is overqualified for your requirements (Microsoft Office), malicious software such as spyware and rootkits (Sony root-kit music discs) and programs that contain anti-features such as Digital Restrictions Management (every proprietary DVD player).

If you reject all proprietary software and accept only free software you, the user, will have all the right to demand to control the software running on your computer. You do not have to depend upon the original author(s) to help you with your requirement, you may sponsor any developer to help you (or you can do it yourself if you know how to).

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Proprietary Software Violates Property Rights

That is such an overly complicated moral reasoning.

For me, it is simply a violation of property rights.

*Copyright creates monopolies. Copyleft creates private properties.

*"Monopoly corrupts. Absolute monopoly corrupts absolutely"-- http://againstmonopoly.org

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