"Michel Bauwens, founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, is one of those who believe in open spaces and creation without incentive. In this interview he talks about the Free Software and Wikipedia movements as pointers to a genuine change in the way we think, create and distribute goods. He believes that we have never before had such real-time possibilities for human cooperation and collective intelligence on a global scale..." —— via V. Sasi Kumar | Free as in Freedom ——

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economic singularity

Nils M Holm: « ...An economic singularity is formed when one person (or corporation) owns everything. Once this happens, the ``winner'' cannot buy anything any longer, because they own everything, and they cannot sell anything, either, because they own all the money. The economy collapses. We already see this happen: everybody talks about the next boom, but the consumers do not have the money to make it happen. The economy as we have it today is based on taking money and property away from the people and accumulate it in a single spot. This spot will inevitably form a singularity.

The only viable alternative, of course, is an economic system that is based on cooperation rather than competition. »

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