Happy Independence day to my US readers. This holiday is a celebration of the United States adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. I thought it would be a good day to remind everyone what open source is all about…

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You should value your freedom

How about celebrating freedom with free software.

Free software refers to software that respects the users' freedom. The free software movement's rhetoric says proprietary software (software that fails to respect the users' freedom) is anti-ethical to a free and upstanding society and that free software is the ethical solution to the problem of proprietary softwarel

The open source movement began as a way of promoting the practical benefits of free software with little regard to the ethics of proprietary software policies.

The point I intend to make is that open source isn't about freedom, as the proponents of open source doesn't encourage society to think about and value freedom. On the other hand, we of the free software movement encourage people to think about and value freedom.

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