We balance freedoms (sacrifice one freedom for another) everyday. We sacrifice the freedom to do whatever we want to live in a society where laws keep us safe. And we'd rather be safe than do the things that are illegal (well most of us anyway). So we sacrifice a freedom we wouldn't exercise (to commit crimes) for ones we do want to exercise (to live without being the victim of crime).

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Sacrifice all for the 4 freedoms

You must never give up the 4 freedoms! Even if it means you must sacrifice that printer/wireless-network-card/graphics-card/other-piece-of-proprietary-driver-requiring-hardware you already paid for; even if it means sacrificing that MS-only software you already have a license for; even if it means sacrificing communicating with your friends and family who only use skype; even if it means you must sacrifice medical attention if it requires the use of proprietary software driven equipment (BTW that's almost every piece of medical equipment); even if it means you must sacrifice your career because it requires you to use/promote/develop/interact-with-in-some-other-way that proprietary office-suite/photo-editing/music-editing/video-editing/accounting/web-design/engineering/etc/etc/etc-software...

You may end up starving on the streets but at least you will have the freedom to use, study, modiy and share the software for the computer you can no longer afford. Those freedoms are worth every sacrifice.

Actually, on second thoughts... go on ahead, I'm with ya.

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