In short, we are in an adversarial situation. Microsoft does not want us to succeed. Thus we cannot trust Microsoft, even if we'd like to, and must consider Mono based upon the question "What is the worst thing MS can reasonably do?". We can only trust Mono if we are convinced Microsoft doesn't have weasel room. The current situation appears, to me, to have lots of weasel room. The technical merits of Mono are basically irrelevant if its a trojan horse in the long term.

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The eye of sauron is upon us

I agree that for a project like Gnome with a large user base Mono is an unacceptable risk. I am currently doing development using Mono, but mine is very much a niche system. If Microsoft were to do something similar to Act 4 it would be an inconvenience and I'd probably need to rewrite in java or C++, but few tears would be otherwise shed. The situation is very different for applications which are at the core of GNU/Linux distros.

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Excellent Article

This web log is a refreshingly good change to the Boycott Novell articles. The assertions made here are truly conclusive based upon the reported facts. For the other things, they are possibilities presented as possibilities and NOT fact.

This is the sort of quality I wish Boycott Novell articles to be. I rarely read of this because Schestowitz assumes harmful intent as the only possibility despite the possibility of other intentions. There are plenty of references to links that support the assumed intent but rarely do I read of anything conclusive; it is usually assumptions and implications presented as fact.

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