Randall Kennedy examines why the FOSS community doesn't seem to care whether you find any value in its projects.

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Actually, I kind of agree with him..

At first when I started reading it, the first expression that came to my mind was that it's about nothing at all but plain FUD.

But as I was reading through, I started to think that this guy is making some sense, in a way.

So here's what I think:

The FOSS world does not only include GNU/Linux, Redhat, and Canonical... etc.

The FOSS world is a about every human being that adds something new to it. Which means it's much bigger than we can imagine. And yet, it's still expanding exponentially every day, month and year.

And due to the endless chances of creation and innovation provided by the FOSS philosophy, everyone here wants to innovate, create and express himself.

Which leads us to an infinite number of projects, a big percentage of these projects are extremely similar to each other, so the wheel is being re-invented and re-re-invented and re-re-re-invented... etc. and we can hardly seem to find something that can be really thought of as a powerful competitor to its proprietary counterpart.

For example, instead of trying to create another image editing program beside GIMP, why not unifying the forces to build even a more powerful GIMP, that can be really thought of as a replacement to Photoshop..?

My main suggestion here, is creating a global organization for unifying the FOSS world under one flag. This way, the innovation can be used efficiently, and effectively. I know I might sound funny here, but please don't laugh at me, it's only a point of view.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Red necks

Unusable? I don't know; FOSS has certainly served all my needs for years now, and served them very well. Far, far better than M$ ever did, and with no viruses.

The trouble with these cyber-rednecks is that they are incapable of holding a mirror up to themselves.


Well, it really would be difficult to imagine two more utterly arrogant creatures than Gates and Ballmer, or their all-singing, all-dancing circle of evangelical sycophants that pass themselves off as Microsoft's Upper Management.

Their arrant assumption that no known law in the world can be applied to their own lawless conduct is only exceeded by their hypocrisy in seeking to have those same laws rigorously applied to everyone else.


Well, it's difficult to imagine a greater state of pure anarchy than Microsoft's trashing of the world's standard's bodies in desperate support of its vapourware OOXML "standard". Every foul and immoral trick in the book was employed to reduce ISO and their "partners" to a level of public contempt normally reserved for patent trolls and the like.


Well, how many years did it take M$ to produce the steaming pile of ordure it calls, "Vista", again? FOSS often upgrades itself every six months, now. M$ is still pretending that XP sales are really, "Vista" sales, over a year after Vista's release date, because even Microsoft's "faithful" refuse to touch the half-developed mess of DRMs and spyware with a barge-pole.

The author should take note, that the reason he finds FOSS, "unusable", is because he still has to learn about passwords. You usually have to use a "password" to get into FOSS. I know this is something M$ never teaches you, but it is something that is intricately involved with, "security", which is something else that M$ will never teach you.

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so fix it or fund it

Respect and use your freedoms

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Pure ignorance

If this is "the voice of IT management" then I think they need to go back for more training before espousing views like:

"it's hard to see how the FOSS movement will ever deliver anything of lasting value to the larger IT community."

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