"OpenOffice.org is one of the most popular products of the FOSS (Free/Open Source) community, and for many millions of people it is their first experience of FOSS. Key to OpenOffice.org's success has been its ability to compete openly and freely with competitors on any platform, and demonstrate that FOSS is a better choice..."

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I didn't like the use of the word veto. It makes it sound like the FSF would be actively involved in denying plugins on a case by case basis.

It seems both Mozilla and OpenOffice are being swayed by users on proprietary operating systems who really don't know or care about Free software. Mozilla and OpenOffice know what it is, and why it's good, and they owe some of their success to the Movement, yet they're simply not willing to say no to proprietary software (plugins) in their respective silos. Sacrificing developer and end-user freedom for end-user convenience hasn't worked for them in the past, and surely they wouldn't do that in their core applications because it would limit redistribution. The crown jewels are not oowriter, or firefox: it's actually the plugins because they do the niche things that users want. Proprietary plugins act as dead-ends in the silo. It lessens the potential of developer productivity.

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