Microsoft, which will on Monday learn whether a top European Union court has annulled the landmark 2004 antitrust ruling against the US software developer, is warning technology rivals they should be careful what they wish for.

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Title reads to me as: Microsoft

Title reads to me as: Microsoft threatens rivals who side with EU.

Mafiasoft seems to be doing the old extortion routine. MS corners each company that suggests the EU ruling is a good one in a dark alley and says: "Don' even think aboud soidin' wit these EU goiys o yo gunna really regreddid," [taps fat end of baseball bat in the palm of one hand while a couple of hired goons suspiciously the size and shape of gorillas crack knuckles and move in, flanking MS as it shadows over the opposition], "We ain't a monopoly are we boiys? We bulieve in competition don' we boiys? [sinister chuckling] We bulieve in fairness. Howsaboud this: you soide with us and we don' break yo kneee caps? Sounds fair to me. Whoevuh said we ain't fair's got us all wrong now don' they?... DON' THEY.

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M$ is spouting self-serving rubbish

M$ is spouting self-serving rubbish again. None of these other companies try to operate like an out-of-control, power-crazed, worldwide monopoly, and this case is squarely aimed at squelching this ruthless conduct by Microsoft.

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