Microsoft is once again dumping its non-Free software on 11 million children in a country that moves to GNU/Linux.

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Please explain!

Would korvins and Kletskous care to explain just why they would choose to vote this particular article Down.

Is that actually a smile I see plastered all over Ballmer's ugly great mug.

This is just the sort of information that Ballmer 'doesn't' want to see spread all over the internet.

At the very time that Boycott Novell was helping to warn us that Ballmer had set up voting blocks at ISO to try to corrupt international standards a similar voting block was set up here with the express intent of muzzling Boycott Novell.

The Free Software Community needs to be warned of these devious plots, in a timely fashion, in order to protect ourselves from Ballmer's tactics of warfare.

Yes, I know Microsoft doles out Acer Ferrari's to those who help out with covert operations against Free Software, but I'm sure you have to promise never to put any Free Software on them.

A future of eternal Vista?

Now that IS my idea of pure hell.

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What you say?

I disdain the implication that a vote against this article means a vote towards the promotion of proprietary software. Your implication is intellectually dishonest. You should not make that connection as if that is the only conclusion for negatively voting this particular article.

I vote up this article to show how important it is to value freedom. RMS is correct in saying those that do not value freedom will easily lose it as this example of South Africa has shown. This is an example to show that it is crucial to value freedom over the gratis aspect of easily obtainable free software. Software proprietors cannot do business with you if your first requirement is freedom.

I don't have many problems with this particular article as I can find most of these assertions to be conclusive. There are a couple of points that I disagree with but overall, I do find it acceptably informative and relevant to the free software community.

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15 years 40 weeks 6 days 23 hours ago


What more can I say?

I did ask if there was any other conclusion for negatively voting this article, but I still think there is a strong case for arriving at the conclusion I outlined.

This story is about M$ flooding the SA school system with its locked-in software in order to subvert SA attempts to kick the M$ habit. They want to brainwash all these kids so they remain locked-in to the ultra-expensive Office for yet another generation. This is warfare against Free Software and the community needs to know it is happening.

So why vote it Down?

You say you have few problems with the article, but they do, obviously. Why?

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