Microsoft's concession to offer a so-called "browser ballot" in the European version of Windows 7 has been covered extensively. European buyers of Windows 7 will, except when the OEM has a separate deal, be presented with a choice of browsers, ordered by estimated market share.

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linuxloop becomes M$loop

"As much as the FSF would like to continue framing Microsoft as the bad guy in every situation, they aren’t. The Microsoft of today is very different from the Microsoft of 5 years ago"

Too right, it's different; M$ is worse than it ever was.

"Thanks to the FSF’s childish campaigns (see the instructions) and the blatent FUD of unnamed anti-Novell sites, free software advocates are usually viewed as borderline insane extremists."

So, linuxloop comes the full loop and morphs into M$loop(y).

NB: The comments reveal what the readers think about this nonsense.

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