Microsoft betrays Moonlight in the sense that suddenly it gives Intel access to Silver Lie, for Moblin

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Monopolies luv monopolies

M$: "You're such a cute looking monopoly that I want to give you this Silverlight for a keepsake."

Intel: You're a pretty good looking monopoly yourself, big boy, and I just loove anything with silver in it."

Don't it make you want to throw up?

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14 years 29 weeks 3 days 19 hours ago


inferiority complex

This reminds me of when MS made a version of Windows Media Player for the Mac - it sucked, but worked just well enough to play media, and show you that the same file would look better on Windows.

Moonlight will just be a reminder of how it's inferior to Silverlight.

There are some better alternatives (Flash, anything native, and possibly even Java), but people don't judge by examining the entire range of possibilities. They judge based on a specific situation.

When the situation is "I can't view it on this machine", they feel like they're missing out, but can't quantify what they're missing. It's when they can compare two similar experiences when they can evaluate that one is better or worse... and put a price on it.

MS will probably add hidden features to .NET that make Silverlight run better than Moonlight.

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