Novell is working with Microsoft to help Microsoft cooperate and contribute to open source projects under open source licenses, and sticking with the existing standards to do so. Keen observers of the tech industry might note that this is a bit of a rarity, but it’s something that I hope we’ll see more of from Microsoft.

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I think they can

The problem is that I don't think they WILL. I get the impression that Microsoft will fight for several more years to keep their proprietary software relevant, making token movements towards open standards while in reality trying to turn everything to their advantage. The empire will eventually fall apart and Microsoft will probably make one last effort towards open source (still eschewing free software) but it'll be too little, too late. At that point, it'll really be a matter of who'll bail the old men out.

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Don't trust Microsoft

Microsoft is committed to preserving its business model of selling software as a package. Its duty to its shareholders is inconsistent with anything but hostility to Free Open Source Software. Please just google Microsoft 10k SEC Linux and follow some of the links to see Microsoft's official position on GNU/Linux and FOSS. I am going to try to paste a link to Larry Cafiero's blog, in which he posts parts of Microsoft's 10K SEC filing.


See, the thing about a 10k SEC filing is that it is every US company's get out of jail free card. A 10k filing is where a company lists all of the threats that it faces, so that it can say that it was candid with investors about the challenges and risks faced by a stock. So these 10k filings tend to actually be rather honest, for a change. If you want to know what a company is _really_ thinking, read the 10k filings.

Microsoft _hates_ FOSS, always has, and always will. Don't trust them. Period.