The Patent and Trademark Office has now made clear that its newly developed position on patentable subject matter will invalidate many and perhaps most software patents, including pioneering patent claims to such innovators as Google, Inc.

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Game over for software patents?

I'm not entirely clear about what this means. Does it mean that software patents have been defeated and are no longer valid ? If so, that would be a major victory for software developers worldwide.

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Not only for software

Not only for software developers, but society as a whole as well.(Except the patent trolls and patent lawyers)

Since our resource are freed from defending and acquiring patent nuclear stockpile, we can focus on more wealth creation instead of fighting monopolists.
*Copyright creates monopolies. Copyleft promote the free market.

*"Monopoly corrupts. Absolute monopoly corrupts absolutely"-- http://againstmonopoly.org

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No premature celebrations

Groklaw calls it FUD

Software Patent Supporter Tries To Pretend Google Harmed Without Software Patents

"Finally, the post is ethically questionable, as its author, John Duffy, was hired by a software company, RDC, to write an amicus brief in the Bilski case pushing for the position that software should remain patentable. This is not disclosed in the post. In other words, he's clearly biased in favor of making sure that the end result of Bilski is that software patents remain in tact, and a little publicity campaign, stirred up by misleading claims that everyone's beloved Google will somehow be harmed could help push public sentiment towards allowing software patents."

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