Right now, representatives from nine countries including the United States are secretly meeting in a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a trade agreement with the potential to contain intellectual property provisions that go beyond ACTA.

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Tell ours, too!

As to be expected, Australia and New Zealand have their own enthusiastic representatives cheering on this conclave of enemies of freedom.

Our own Mr K Rudd will have his teeth freshly polished for a cheesy grin at the photo op of him signing our freedoms away.

What does he care, so long as the room service gets his lobster thermidore the way he likes it, on his luxury hotel expense account.

We'll end up paying for it all, in more ways than one.

Let this krudd know that his endless gravy train will come to a sudden halt if he tampers with the Free Internet!

* I was going to include his email but DuckDuckGo's Federal Parliament link gave me, "Last updated: 12/08/00", with, "The Hon John Howard, MP", listed as Prime Minister and
"Senator the Hon Richard Alston", listed as Communications Minister.

So there, just when we thought we were up the creek without a paddle, suddenly things got a whole lot worse.

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