"Finding an email in my inbox from Richard Stallman is not the way I start most mornings, but on a recent morning, there it was. Richard is the force behind the free software movement -- the mind behind "free as in free speech, not free as in free beer." He took issue with my use of the terms "intellectual property" and "intellectual property protections" when referring to Monsanto's seed patents in an article on genetically-modified farming in India and Iraq. Richard was kind enough to allow me to reprint this initial email to me, and I thank him for that. Here it is..."

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go and read the article they talk

go and read the article they talk about in this link

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Why not simply say that there is

Why not simply say that there is a relation between free software movement and altermondialism...

What Are GMO’s And Why You Should Avoid Them. >> "Another terrible thing about these GMO crops is that the new genes have been patented, so if they are spread even accidentally and unknowingly to other non-GMO commercial fields and that farmer selects the modified plants for subsequent planting, then the patent holder has the right to control the use of those crops. Yep, you read that right. If a farmer downwind of you is using GMO seeds, and they happen to go up in the air and pollinate your organic non-GMO crops, the patent owner (most likely Mosanto) now OWNS YOUR CROPS..." >> http://www.thegoodhuman.com/2007/09/18/what-are-gmos-and-why-you-should-...

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