A trademark lawyer writes about the reaction to the recent decision to grant trademark registration to the term "SLART", widely used to refer to art done in the Second Life virtual world. The registrant is reportedly trying to stop others from using the term. The article includes an overview of trademark law and discussion of its application in virtual worlds.

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Not Intellectual Property

So why is this tagged as such. This has nothing to do with patents or copyright law or trade secrets or contract law. Intellectual property is supposed to be a term that covers all these laws. The only law that covers this issue is trademark law.

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I thought the so called

I thought the so called "intellectual property" comprise trademark, patent, and copyright.

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part of the whole

Would you object to tagging something as "physics" because it only talks about quarks? Would you object to tagging something as "computerscience" when it only talks about analysis of algorithms?

Trademark law is a subset of IP law; some people are interested in the broad area and might be interested in any of its subtopics. It's perfectly normal to tag items with broader tags as well as more-specific ones. The point it to make the article retrievable.

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