I have never had a bounty on my head before (see also blog post here). And I can't imagine why Ray Niro would pay $5,000 to find out who I am. I emailed him to find out (from the corner internet cafe, heh). He didn't respond. Ray: if you up it to $50,000, can I collect the reward?

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I am not suprised

This is simply the latest result of the a disease called intellectual monopoly. I am going to use this as an opportunity to attack the patent system.

The patent system doesn't encourages innovations. Rather, its role throughout history is to serve the monopolists and discourage competitions.

Look at James Watt, the famed inventor that "started" the industrial revolution as an example. He actually delayed the industrial revolution in the UK by thirty years by influencing his government to extend the patent's term.

Look at the intellectual monopolization of many industries that actually thrive without patents protection such as agriculture and even the pharmaceutical industry.You will see that there are clearly no benefit in implementing a patent system. Actually, evidences suggest it would point to the negative.

You see, the software industry is not unique in showing the negative effect of the patent system, but rather simply one of many.

The patent system doesn't make sense in only certain industries is a myth. Rather, it doesn't make sense economically.

I think it is time that we PUSH for total abolishment of the patent system.

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