The International Organization for Standardization's OpenDocument Format standard is broken and needs to be mended, according to an expert who claims to have carried out tests on the format.

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This doesn't mean we need OOXML!

ODF is broken, right. So fix it. It's an open standard that's going through new revisions as we speak. Get coding, find solutions to the problems, make the standard better. Adding a completely different, incompatible document standard into the mix does nothing to fix ODF and just confuses the matter.

If Microsoft cared about standards in any way, they'd have gotten behind ODF and worked at making it equal to and even superior to their old DOC format. They'd also have made export tools to convert DOC and other Office files to ODF for future storage. The fact that they instead went ahead and made OOXML just shows that Microsoft is an old, out-of-touch software company trying to use old tactics to compete in a world it no longer understands.

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It's NOT Broken

He doesn't know what he's doing. See
[ http://www.robweir.com/blog/2008/05/odf-validation-for-dummies.html ] this clarification. Additionally, Alex [ http://boycottnovell.com/2008/05/03/iso-odf-smear/ ]seems to be well in Microsoft's pocket.

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Well there we go then

I was just frustrated about people who say "Well ODF's not perfect" like that's a reason to have OOXML. Nothing's perfect, but the only way to get the best document format possible is for everyone involved to get behind a single format. Less confusion, less repetition of effort, best overall result. Microsoft doesn't care about any of that and were willing to tear ISO apart to further their own selfish ends, any arguments in favour of OOXML are null because of that in my opinion.

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