Microsoft has filed for a patent for ‘Time-Based Licenses’ and the application abstract reveals this to be a method and system for “issuing a number of different types of time-based licenses associated with software products”.[So if you can't make your Windows payments on time they turn your computer into a paperweight and/or make it illegal to use? - Scott]

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Has this idea got M$ written all over it, or what!

Bang! Sorry, your Windows 8 Four-Weekly License Subscription ran out at 3:32 AM on the 6th.

As a special consideration Microsoft has allowed your computer to retain just enough functionality for you to renew your $125 Microsoft Monthly Online Subscription Advantage(MMOSA), PLUS, of course, the $25 penalty surcharge for Failure To Renew In Advance(FTRIA).

This would work in perfectly with the so-called Cloud proposal to deliver services online. No wonder M$ enthusiastically supports this suspect concept.

Not only that, but M$ would also collect healthy fees from licensing this evil technology to other blood-sucking entities, that would wish to avail themselves of similar money-grubbing opportunities.

With under-handed patents like this, Ballmer and Gates will soon be Trillionaires, at our expense, of course.

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