GPLv3 will help FreeBSD take some users away from Linux, according to the founder and vice president of The FreeBSD Foundation.

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With great power comes great respon [...]

With great power comes great responsibility?

What is the use of great power without any freedom to enjoy those powers? IMO, BSD license sucks! GPLv3, though restrictive in some sense, is what is suitable for the "free softwares". Indifferent people can stick with FreeBSD.

I also recall reading somewhere: "Linux is for people who hates Micro$oft. FreeBSD is for people who loves Unix."

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On the contrary, GPLv3 is going

On the contrary, GPLv3 is going to ensure I remain a GNU user. Why would a license updated to ensure my rights are protected cause me to use an operating system that could easily be shipped with proprietary components? I don't want my computer to keep secrets from me. GPLv3 continues to ensure this doesn't happen.

As a developer, I also don't want code that I write to be made proprietary by being incorporated in proprietary systems. GPLv3 continues to ensure this, too, doesn't happen.

So... what's the problem?

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The whole article is laughable. [...]

The whole article is laughable.

Proponents of permissive licenses, seems to use just about any occasion to predict that we are going to flee from that awful GPL license. When in reality, we worn't.

"But commercial users will!..."

Maybe some. But no i really don't think so. These people really aren't that afraid of the GPL, that some people would have us believe. But even if they were, why should we really care?.

"But the hardwaremakers will definitely flee!..."

Can't see a reason really. Nor can i see, a permissively licenced alternative for everything currently used under GPL. Like Samba.

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